It would be about time to get some portions of my blog back online, there are also some docker and radio related stuff I want to post.

A little about Jekyll? It’s not a CMS as it doesn’t have a DB in the background, it is all file based. The posts are in a directory called “_posts”, css, js files are all static. Jekyll’s magic starts when you want to generate static html files from all, combined. Jekyll takes care of putting it all together, it sounds all hectic, but this serves the purpose better. You can save your posts to some public git, so it is source controlled, if your site gets “hacked”, regenerate it and your’re good to go, no wordpress, so no stupid holes and bugs. Clean, fast and straightforward. You can read more about Jekyll.

I’ll write a “How To” soon on how this blog was setup with docker + gitlab/github public pages.

‘till then, woot woot, hello Blog again! (and hosted on github pages!)